[Beating a pale horse: One▲moment/ EcstaticTIME]

Apocalypse Fatigue (formerly Beating a Pale Horse) is a podcast devoted to uncovering and engaging with those who bring light to the present in a time haunted by the specters of the past and the darkness of potential futures. In other words, the aim is to balance out the fear with love, to escape the weight of Death's echoes by celebrating the myriad forms of new life that spring out of the shadows when people think outside the standard paradigms, taking the piss out of the abyss.

These interviews are presented in the hope that hearing evidence of human goodness amidst some exploration of the shadows will encourage the listener to nourish his or her own unique gifts and add informed optimism, novelty, and the pleasure of direct action to the constantly unfolding and changing equation which we refer to as the human experience.


episode 1: Steev Hise

Beating a Pale Horse gets broken in with an inaugural interview. Steev Hise (video wizard of Negativland fame among many other credits) and I talk about fatherhood, media activism, and working with your heroes. 


EPISODe 2: Mark devries

My guest this episode is Mark Devries, creator of Speciesism: The Movie. We talk about the grim realities behind the smokescreen of Big Ag, the true cost of animal exploitation, veganism as direct activism, and the future of mankind. You know, just regular Thursday coffee talk.


episode 3: sorne

In this episode I speak with Morgan Sorne on his way to perform at Tucson's All Soul's Procession. He is a super-human vocalist, artist and teacher with a down to Earth view of how to heal self and world. We discuss the urgency of listening, the method of finding our voices, the welcoming of silence, and the rediscovery of awe in everyday life. In short, the way out of fear and the way into presence.