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Music Credits for Episode 1:

Aube: "Steal Up," "Vibrate Quietly"

Coil: "At the Heart of It All," "Dark River," "Teenaged Lightning 2," "Teenaged Lightning 2005"

Brian Eno: "An Ending (Ascent)"

Victor Jara: "Las Casitas del Barrio Alta"

Negativland: "A Few of My  Favorite Things," "Freedom's Waiting," "The Gun and the Bible," "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (1991 Acapella Mix)"

Bob Ostertag: "Sooner or Later" 

People Like Us:/Wobbly/Matmos: "Holler"

Skinny Puppy: "Download"

Jonathan Ray: "Keep Going"

Artists: All music borrowed with deepest respect. Please don't sue me for royalties, the outcome would only disappoint you.

Listeners: If you dug it, do your damnedest to find it and buy it!  Thank you.