SHow notes for Episode 3: SORNE

Many, many thanks to Morgan Sorne for making time for this interview on his way to perform for the 27th annual All Souls Procession! A gracious and fascinating guest and a pleasure to interview.

Used in the intro for the backing drone:

Vocal ambient done live on the TC Electronics VoiceLive Touch

I read from The Listening Book.

Interview recorded at Solar Culture in Tucson on a mobile setup I'm still fine-tuning. Due to the acoustics of this warehouse venue/gallery, there is some reverb and some background noise. Thank you for your patient ears. Amazingly, we did not hear the train pass!

Things to check out that were mentioned in the interview:

SORNE's cover of Bjork's "All is Full of Love"

Zoviet France

Flam Chen fire/acrobatics troupe

Shameless plug: skincage (yours truly)

Bad Unkl Sista Butoh performance troupe

HBO documentary White Light/Black Rain

The sleep concerts of Robert Rich and Steve Roach

Carl Jung on projections of The Shadow


In Pursuit of Silence documentary

John Cage:  4'33

Jim Roche

Saul Williams

SORNE's website

Take the time to check him out on YouTube and Bandcamp. There's an amazing body of work to enjoy and support!