LOGOS: Lifting One Grain of Sand

At a certain point in our lives, the still small voice beneath the frenetic mosquito cloud of  thought gets tired of whispering and switches on the megaphone. I am here with mine to bring you a message in the form of a book, the working title of which is above. Modern life has many of us privately dying inside, but it need not be so. When you're in a pit and the walls can't be climbed, you have to build up the floor until you've got a little mountain from which you can see the way out to freedom, and that's what this book is all about.

More people than ever seem to be suffering mental anguish. Parasitic industries have enjoyed that at best and engineered it at worst. Take it metaphorically or not: we're awash in many forms of black magic and it has clear effects. Why go from cradle to grave chasing the carrot and dodging the stick? We can be free of this madness that darkens minds and hardens hearts by choosing to play our own games rather than destroying ourselves trying to play the one we're raised inside of. We can do exactly that, starting now. It's a process each of us undergoes as individuals, but I know I could have used some hints, so I wrote mine up for you and everyone else who needs them.

This book is a work in progress, because I am writing it in real time as I teach myself how to unplug from the Death Grid and turn the lights back on in my life. I'm not going to pull your leg or sell you hope, so you will find nothing in LOGOS which has not been employed and found to make dents in shells of depression and anxiety which so many of us bear. The book will be filled with useful context for our shared predicament and, more importantly, practical techniques that have proven themselves faithful servants for self-liberation. 


The surface world is a wreck, but experience can be reprogrammed like any other game, and it happens from the inside out. We love a good crisis movie, and we are each players in the latest. Extinction 2: Electric Bugaloo, now playing! The tension has built to a fever pitch and we are waiting for the heroes to step in and save the day. This is where we misstep, for indeed, we are the heroes in this story. You've spent your whole life being sung to sleep with lullabies of authority and unworthiness but know this, friend: as above, so below; as within, so without. We are all responsible for the state of the world at large and for the condition of our own personal worlds. It is you. You are the hero of your own story. This is your journey in which you play your part to save the species from its worst qualities. No one is coming to save the world unless we all are. We must all pitch in, or we will all be cast out.

It's a hard pill to swallow but it's true, and so is this one: No one is really in charge. Many play at power, but nobody is more qualified to govern you than you are. No master's voices, just true will and choices. So long as you do no harm, you are absolutely free to act as your heart calls you. Intuition gives you the feeling that you've been raised inside an illusion, and by applying the method of science and the essence of magic, you will find your way out of the labyrinth and into the world of wonder that was there when you were innocent.

Remember that world, that endless plane of possibility? There was a universe under every rock, until the day you were told to stop flipping them over. All that changed was your degree of belief. That "real world" you're conditioned to join and cooperate with after childhood's end is but a Verbal Hologram, built of misused and abused language, engineered to mesmerize. Beneath this web of psycho-social control is the realm of your direct experience. When you replace your allegiance to what's expected of you with a commitment to finding your own truth, that Hologram will pop like any other bubble. When the dome is removed, the stars are revealed.


We struggle under the weight of forcing ourselves into molds we were never meant to fit, until the glorious moment when we cast off our costumes and discover the spaciousness of being authentic. We need not make misery the theme of our lives, suffering that a few may thrive. We are not helpless. We can divest from all the things that we see spreading horror into a world that could be Paradise. Today is the day that you are reminded that only you know who you are and what you have the itch and will to make manifest in this world. Making the jumps from "being played" to Player to Programmer is not only in your grasp, it is your birthright.

this book is cooking and i'll tell you when it's time to eat it

For now, excerpts are in the blog.