Smoking Mirrors

Is time a straight line or does it just feel like one because we live one piece of experience at a time?

Why does time and life sometimes feel like a circle?

What shape is a line and a circle at the same time?

If you were traveling this shape, would you see patterns of repetition?

Would these patterns have a resonance, an overall greater pattern?

What if something obscured the greater pattern by adding noise to the signal?

Would you remember the context of your journey if the path were obscured?

Can we expand this to a cultural level?

Does human memory have a tendency to degrade?

How did we used to maintain integrity of our stories?

Why did we abandon these practices?

Who benefits in a world of blinded travelers?

What is consensus?

How is it maintained?

Can it be used to shape the journey of a people or even species?

Who are the apparent gatekeepers of consensus?

What is their apparent agenda?

How do they seem to operate?

Have the public ever been experimented on without their knowledge?

Might an experiment into sabotaging collective memory create confusing changes in remembered history?

What might be the goal of changing the collective sense of history?