Break the trance and eat more plants.

I have two simple words for what ails ya. 

Eat plants.

Nothing but plants if you're serious. But more plants, at the very least. Spend a little time on research, there's a wealth of info behind the spin. Spend a little energy breaking habits and dependence, you don't be have to keep doing things that hurt you after 5 minutes of pleasure. Spend a little money on a blender and some cookware. Start somewhere. The rewards are both immediate and long term. You don't have to feel like this. How do you think the "elite" eat? Their private chefs aren't serving them Frankenmeat and fried cheese puffs. Be your own private chef. 

The whole "normal" system is carcinogenic now. Earth, air and water are compromised, so you have to bring the purifying fire. You really think we survived for 300 thousand years to die fat and stupid and in pain on a wrecked world? This system is toxic at literal and metaphorical levels. It's a deep dish lasagna of depravity. If there wasn't already a Hell, we built one.

But hey, you don't have to be there. We're at a pivotal moment here. The animal kingdom is begging for mercy. The vegetable kingdom wants to recruit you as another monarch and remind you of your proper place in the web of life when you're done messing with the grid of death. 

Animal products have to be taken by coercion or worse and they kill you after they hook you and reprogram your biome for addiction. Plants give food and medicine away and it gives you vitality. It's an easy choice and I can tell you that it's far simpler to make the 180 than you think. There's no need to feel bad about being deceived, but now that you've thought about the problem, it's on you to be part of the solution.

Comment if you're curious. Happy to help.