Double dare ya.

Friendly reminder: being depressed in the crash isn't crazy. But do me a favor and recharge so we can all make it.

I'm gonna challenge you because it is hard to do everything when you feel like this. Over the next 3 days, I'd like you to try the following in no special order:

Buy your favorite snack and give to the first person you see with a cardboard sign. Don't worry about the reaction.

Call somebody you have had a beef with and absolve them. This is actually more for you but it helps them too.

Go to the lobby of a hospital and talk kindly to people waiting for surgeries to let out.

Walk around an outside place with plants and water if you can. No tech.

Buy your favorite snack again, and try to eat it like you've never had it before.

Let me know how it goes. Persistence is all.