adventure time

Adventure, now with free stickers!

Greetings, y'all. I'm here to invite you to join me in a little art adventure.

Jump in with me on this and you'll be giving my efforts to get my work into the world a push-start, you'll get actual mail (remember the 90s?) and support the USPS, and you'll enjoy the thrill of having a little mission.

I've just come from Tanline Printing with the first run of stickers for Apocalypse Fatigue. I do have them for sale here, but now there are extra, so I had the idea of inviting positive chaos into the equation by giving the stickers away to put them before as wide a potential audience as possible. That's where you come in.


The sticker is meant to remind people about balance and then to get people wondering where the message came from. Some of those folks are bound to get curious and type the url into their phones, where they will get the unpacked thought-world summarized by the motto on the sticker: "Day must always dance with night, but out of darkness cometh light."

What I want from you is to help me put this in all kinds of places I'd never be able to and expand the audience. We'll play this old school. Email me and I'll send my address. You send me a self-addressed stamped envelope to send back to you. You'll receive a sticker for yourself plus 3 more. Then you'll decide where they belong and put them there, planting seeds to draw the attention of passing strangers.

Target them to specific audiences or leave it up to chance. I would love to see pictures of where they end up. You can tag me on Instagram, FB, etc. or just send photos to me and I'll make a gallery of them. This is going to be fun.

Michael Jenney of ADR and Assemblage23 has graciously gotten the ball rolling by taking a big handful with him on his US and world tours. Now I want you to join the fun and be the benevolent tentacles of my attention-gathering octopus!

Now that everything is electronic people have forgotten that this is how it was done. I advocate a return to artifacts and play. Here's a fun way to get a lot of toes in the pool.

Get in touch with the magic buttons at the bottom of the page.

Let's play!