Monkeys with rockets

Information doubles faster and faster toward some unimaginable end. In these accelerating times it is literally impossible to predict where humanity will be in ten years, much less a generation. It’s vital, therefore, to remember the power we have as we consider how to deal with this fundamental mystery that is at the bottom of all our constructions and also with the very real dangers outside our skulls. Not knowing quite where we’re from or quite where we’re going is a great reason to be kind and seek ways to help each other, but it can be terribly uncomfortable and makes many of us terribly selfish. We do our best to make it through the maze intact, guided mostly by the avoidance of inevitable pain and the pursuit of ephemeral pleasure. You’re beginning to understand why I’m a hermit by now, I suppose. These are not the conversations people want to have at parties. I could be wrong, or just at the wrong parties.