Just a little reminder.

Yeah ok, it’s the Fourth Reich and that’s clearly awful and by all means do whatever you can to gum that horror show right up, but also remember: 

These people tried to make a mind control truth serum and created the psychedelic revolution by accident. These people created a spy network and we used it to replace the media and bring out the forbidden texts. These people replaced the food supply with poison and we’re remembering how to feed ourselves again. It’s a long, exhausting game, but we win.

But only if we fight. The key is: don’t fight the way they want you to. Most people are a little shift away from working for real change. We all have to stop falling for the division traps and get over our grudges and truly unite against The Adversary. It treats our stress and outrage and fear like some kind of monstrous happy hour at an endless carrion buffet. It’s allergic to love. It wilts in the presence of forgiveness and understanding. 

Choke it. And smile from your deepest heart while you do so. See you in the Invisible Trench.