Rippling the Pond


There are apparently many thousands of us here in this strange time and we're waking up. Some think they're done, some are just starting. It's exciting.

But waking up is meaningless if we don't help the world to be more conducive to waking up.

What if we all recorded the sacred texts, secret documents or perfect stories  that woke our minds and hearts as audiobooks and put them out for free?

What if we all left little notes in books suggesting other books readers might not be aware of?

What if we all engaged in benevolent graffiti?

What if we all got in shape, in every sense, so we would be fit to serve?

What if we practiced forgiveness and patience with each other, ourselves, and those we encounter?

I keep seeing the phrase "another world is possible" but it's not going to show up until we start tuning reality.

How will you change the music?