It ain’t rocket science, but it might help you escape gravity.


Life is crazy. This is A Strange Moment. A vital time of change as one world falls away under its own putrefaction and another rises (in potential) to replace it. Want to be part of the sequel instead of hating the endless remake? Work on you, and ripple out. Get your mind right so you aren’t flying blind or whistling past the graveyard.

Meditation doesn’t have to be a martial art or a a holy ordeal. Those are the tricks that keep us locked into obsession with the thoughts. It’s how ego keeps you on house arrest.

They aren’t evil, you aren’t crazy, you aren’t failing at being good. They’re just thoughts, mostly automatic. Ants after sugar, nothing more. You can spend your life at war with them or brush them away and keep 

You aren’t your tummy rumbles, your itches, your half asleep stumbling pisses or your sleep-farts. Likewise, you aren’t your thoughts.

It’s the reaction that counts, everywhere and always. Your relationship with life comes down to your choice of reaction. 

Carve out a slice of timespace for yourself. Sit down. Hush. And “watch the weather change.” Keep going until it doesn’t piss you off. It’ll take eventually. You’re never done. But you’ll get more ready, and you’ll start to duck before the bullets.

May you find peace, even if it’s just half a second today. It’s a start. The rest is just loving yourself enough to practice. I trust you to do that. For you, and the better world to come.