That escalated quickly, or: how to deal when the monsters are real

Number 45 is trying to pass for normal but he has no clue how to live outside his gold plated universe. He can barely read the speeches he stumbles on or the life-destroying executive orders he signs, his cabinet think we're cattle to be looted or destroyed, and we might finally have annoyed the world enough to sweat the sky again. Yikes, to put it mildly.

It feels like somebody hit reverse on western civilization. Very Bad Things are being unleashed. I've been letting it get to me. Don't. Try every day not to, anyway. Be aware of what's happening and admit it's awful, rail against it, but don't succumb to the weight of our predicament. Keep being kind and keep getting smarter and keep finding ways to be visible and formidable. Connect with your neighbors and disconnect from time to time from the holographic universe offered by sponsored screens.

On the one hand fear is pumped into the culture nonstop to keep people distracted. On the other, real evil walks in human skin and feels it has permission to play now. Be vigilant and don't be afraid to punch it in the face if you get the chance. Nazis aren't famous for being reasonable.

Take better care of yourself than you are naturally inclined to. Your pain teaches you your needs, so listen to it and act. Listen also to people when they talk, even if they seem like the enemy for ideological reasons. People may not understand, but only a malignant few truly choose ignorance. For the rest it's a mask, armor. Armor comes off when people feel safe and since the veil is being ripped off the Legend of America only sociopaths and really grounded people feel safe right now.

There is an enemy, but it isn't your neighbor or even the strangers you're conditioned to fear or blame. Certainly not the Enemy of the Moment blasting on TV. The real threat is not one thing exactly (wouldnt it be great if there really were only ONE conspiracy?) but a community of parasites working against each other but also against everyone not in their club.

The Growth has wrapped itself around everything like those vines that slowly choke trees over a century. It has a lot of faces but you know it when you see it. Don't work for the parasites, and don't work against yourself.

Despair is easy to come by, trust not so much, but don't give up and go dark. We need you. Like Henry Rollins said, it's punk rock time. You've felt the premonitions for years. It's time now.

I'm writing this as much for me as for you. Good fight to us all.


Let's not invoke the RoboCop version of reality, okay? 

Let's not invoke the RoboCop version of reality, okay?