As long as we treat them like masters, we give them permission to treat us as slaves.

They won't re-count the votes. They won't read the petitions. If you write them, you'll get a form letter. If you call, you'll be on hold while interns pretend they're busy. They'll laugh all the way to the Fourth Reich and the Third World War.

They have and will switch off hashtags and subreddits and FB trends that mess with their death grips on The Story. They will continue to skew search results and send you to Snopes anytime you hesitate to join in the chant. Your outrage is their entertainment and your despair is the butter on their toast. Don't wait for the big stories to break. The press is a corpse that dances when the right buttons are pushed. Control of the narrative is the main organ of coercion. They save money on ammunition that way.

They will put people in power that will keep them in power. They will send the muscle to beat down resistance. They will lay the pipelines and frack every inch of the world they don't live in. They will do unspeakable things with impunity, and use our money to do it all behind the veil of blind trust and incredulity.

So we have to stop treating them like the bosses, the parents, the gods. We have to remind them who they are. Mosquitos and ticks. Ankle biters. Tapeworms. And we have to remind them who we are: the overwhelming majority.

We have to stop helping them divide us. A lot of what's wrong will just have to go into the grave with the blind and stupid who keep it here, but the rest is down to our choices. How we treat ourselves. How we treat our neighbors, and how often we remember that they're all our neighbors, even the human speedbumps who insist on impeding progress or reversing direction entirely.

I'll leave it to those of you with eyes to see and ears to hear to find your way to do these things. No authority is higher than the will of your heart. I'll see you in the future, where we belong. Let's laugh these ideological ghosts out of the house, and stake the vampire institutions when we must.