Public Service Announcement #235

San Diego is a different world. Beautiful and more open. Just different enough atmospherically that my respiratory system works for once, intuition/synchronicity is almost too strong, and we can find something great to eat anywhere we go without awkward questions. It has everything from tiny secondhand shops to gargantuan theme parks, the ocean is two long songs from anywhere, and the weather is the way the whole planet should be. It has been interesting and remains so.

From the piano bar next to the hotel, I present the following:

Being human is terrifying and wonderful. We're driven to enforce order but the order that exists is so far beyond our comprehension that it looks like chaos, and it makes us crazy. We strive to protect ourselves and our beloved but all we can do is bend in the wind and try to add to the light.


Existence is an incredible piece of luck but beyond billions of strong opinions over thousands of years has no objectively apparent inherent meaning. The Blank is yours to fill in. Believe it or not, this is good news. It just hurts like hell to accept until it starts to take.

This said, it never hurts to choose to help, choose to love, and choose to enjoy as often as possible while we while away the seconds, hours, days, and years.

And now, back to what you were doing.