Every conflict is part of the war between love and fear.

Some wise and humble (and therefore unknown) person is often quoted as saying that fear stands for "false evidence appearing real." Fear is the enemy of truth. Fear is, as that other ubiquitous quote says, "the mindkiller."

I have studied the armies of Fear for the better part of my 35 years, that I might find every crack in their armor and learn to use their tactics against them. I have acquainted myself very well with death and fear, and found life and love far more interesting pursuits. 

I have tracked The Great Beast and found its prints and scat in every corner of the culture; from the mind-erasing howls of corporate controlled news to the sinister magick of advertising, from the halls of power to the back roads of every human heart. I see the ten thousand faces of the Them/Us game, manifesting in forms as varied as the schoolyard bully and the generation-sculpting spectre of atomic war. I see the subversion of the feminine creative force by the masculine death urge, drunk on blood. I see our species pretending to stand outside of Nature, burning down the house in a suicidal orgy of consumption designed to mask the fear of change. Whatever direction I stare, I meet the dead gaze of an ocean of blind eyes, refusing to cop to the fractal horror we refer to as the status quo.

Let my words find resonance in allies or fall upon the deaf. I can be silent no more.