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5 simple things to remember.

1. War is a racket, never more so than it is today. A great deal of what is presented as journalism is either distraction from the horrific reality of war or the marketing arm of the military-industrial complex. Learn to discern.

2. Pop culture only affects you as much as you allow it to. Treat culture as you treat food. It is remarkably easy to avoid poisons and empty calories in favor of that which nourishes you. Only you can determine what that means for you.

3. Human progress will continue to come at the price of suicidal destruction of the environment if we continue to behave as if we are separate from Nature and in conflict with it. The teenaged rebellion of our species against an otherwise harmonious system is insane and unsustainable. We must shift from exploitation to cooperation to survive.

4. Family is not defined by laws, creeds, or genetics. Family is defined by love, and love alone. As your life changes, so will your family. You are absolutely free to love anyone, and you are also absolutely not required to accept abuse from anyone.

5. All of these things are intimately connected.