1. Life is a Great Game. This doesn't mean it's trivial, just that it's playable, and winnable.

2. The Game reacts to your attitude, choices, and behaviors. It plays back. That's how you select the level of difficulty, the map you navigate, and the opponents you will face.

3. You reconfigure the game by redefining yourself. "As above, so below. As within, so without."

4. Language, symbols, and how you assign meaning are very important to playing the Game.

5. The most important thing in the Game is how you set up your character, and you can change.

6. The next most important thing is how you interact with other characters, and you can change.

7. There are sinister forces in the Game, but paranoia is a crippling force when left unchecked.

8. There are benevolent forces in the Game, but relying on them to save you stunts your growth.

9. Anxiety and depression are normal, and should be met with compassion. But when chronic, they  are symptoms of playing the Game on Nightmare Mode. Once you know, it's your work to fix them from the inside out. The solution isn't easy, but it's simple. Evolve from Player to Programmer.

Themes will be expanded, and techniques will be shared. We will beat the Game together.