We don't know each other, but we have a few things in common, I reckon: a hungry ghost in the heart, an itch in the spirit, a fire in the mind. A sense of being or going mad. Apocalypse fatigue is a soul sickness brought on by what feels like the first tremors of collapse. A lot of us have got it now. It's easy to feel nuts. The world is being driven to division and when we cooperate with that we help the worst among us build a perpetual misery machine to power their empires. Thank God, the current of rebellion runs deep in us and the nightmare is being culture-jammed by lucid dreamers.

So take heart and take heed. You're not crazy, you just got tired of walking backwards to keep up. Drift no more. You've found safe harbor. Here you'll find podcasts, rants, music for the imagination and other glimmers of light by which to see the part of yourself you may have forgotten. Listen, read, and know you are not alone. Let no one steal your joy, not the walking dead lashing out in emotional blindness, not the soul-sucking parasites walking in skin, not the wiretapping spy drones at the end of the Adversary's puppet strings, and least of all yourself!