BE NOT AFRAID. The magic is in you.

Hello in there, whoever you are, whenever this is, wherever this finds you, and whatever you are doing. Thank you for listening, and welcome to Apocalypse Fatigue. This podcast is devoted to uncovering and engaging with those who bring light in a time haunted by the specter of a new dark age. 

The aim of this program is to balance out the fog of fear with hints of hope, and to help us all escape the weight of anxiety by celebrating the new forms of light that spring out of the shadows when people think outside the boxes they were born in. This show will bring you interviews, "shower thoughts," rants, musical interludes, and more, all intended to remind you that there's always a crack in the wall where the light comes in.

What we call the news is full of fear porn and hate bait. The real stories are often untold. The corporate media serves itself. These benevolent distractions and uncommon interviews are for you. As you get nudged to remember who you are and hear evidence of human goodness amidst tales of hidden horrors and everyday pain I hope you will be inspired to discover and nourish your own unique gifts. Be not afraid, the magic is in you!


episode 1: Steev Hise

Beating a Pale Horse gets broken in with an inaugural interview. Steev Hise (video wizard of Negativland fame among many other credits) and I talk about fatherhood, media activism, and working with your heroes. 


EPISODe 2: Mark devries

My guest this episode is Mark Devries, creator of Speciesism: The Movie. We talk about the grim realities behind the smokescreen of Big Ag, the true cost of animal exploitation, veganism as direct activism, and the future of mankind. You know, just regular Thursday coffee talk.


episode 3: sorne

In this episode I speak with Morgan Sorne on his way to perform at Tucson's All Soul's Procession. He is a super-human vocalist, artist and teacher with a down to Earth view of how to heal self and world. We discuss the urgency of listening, the method of finding our voices, the welcoming of silence, and the rediscovery of awe in everyday life. In short, the way out of fear and the way into presence. 


episode 4: Bobbi Brink

On vacation my family discovered and visited an animal sanctuary called Lions, Tigers & Bears near San Diego. On this episode I talk with founder and director Bobbi Brinks about her lifelong mission to rescue big cats, bears, and other refugees of the exotic animal trade. We talk zoos, the underworld, and redemption. Bobbi travels the world saving animals and has created a haven for them which sets the bar high.


EPISODE 5: Mike Jenney

I talk with Mike Jenney of Alter Der Ruine and Assemblage 23 about learning from the shadow self, performance as a gateway to the spiritual experience, random acts of kindness, and gratitude. We reminisce about our youth and I tell the story of how I survived falling to the bottom of a missile silo. Mike's a luminous dude and it was a pleasure. He'll be back and we'll get weirder. 

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Guy McPherson2.jpeg

EPISODE 6: Dr. Guy McPherson

My guest today is Dr. Guy McPherson of Nature Bats Last, the University of Arizona, and international infamy. We talk climate change, extinction, and the urgency of excellence and compassion in what may well be the last days of the human race. However long we have left, Guy gives us great lessons on how to make the best of that time. I was radically changed by this interview for the better, and I think you will be too. Buckle up and dive in! Special thanks to Guy for giving this interview a plug on his website!